Żarska Wieś Branch

The Żarska Wieś Branch has been operating since 22 July 2013. It was established based on the former ELTUR-WAPORE Sp. z o.o. plant. The plant was established in 2007 with EU co-financing under the Operating Programme “Increase of enterprise competitiveness. Priority 2: Direct enterprise support, Sub-measure 2.2.1. Support to enterprises making new investments”.

The branch produces standard and coloured paving blocks and also customised and upgraded concrete elements and fittings such as drain gutters, rims and road kerbs.

Due to the use of patent-protected technology of activation of ash from a fluidised lignite combustion for the production of an additive called FLUBET lic.® the products are innovative and environmentally friendly. FLUBET lic.® is a cement substitute used in vibro-pressed concrete. The application of this environmentally-friendly cement substitute improves concrete properties, leads to reduced cement consumption, while limiting the required production volume and emissions.  The branch operates in Żarska Wieś.



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