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Bogatynia, 01.06.2016

Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy as per PN-ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 14001 and PN-N 18001

The Company’s strategic objective is to increase the economic use of coal combustion by-products created in the process of electricity and heat generation and to render services to the power-generation sector, while maintaining the highest management, quality and work safety standards, as well as caring for the natural environment and consistently improving business operation performance. To meet our Clients’ expectations, it is our priority to:

  • provide our clients with top-quality products and services,
  • implement top-notch, environmentally- and workplace-friendly technologies,
  • strive for continuous improvement of our products’ quality and work safety conditions, keeping in mind specific hazards present,
  • prevent workplace accidents, occupational diseases, near-misses and, also minimise negative environmental impact of waste management, noise emissions and water pollution,
  • optimally perform technological processes to ensure compliance with technical, economic and legal requirements regarding environmental protection, as well as work health and safety,
  • exercise efficient information policy with Clients and stakeholders, while respecting sound cooperation conditions and partnership-based relations,
  • utilise know-how and expertise of our employees and to ensure their development in terms of skills, career path, self-fulfilment and work comfort,
  • cooperate with domestic and foreign research and development units, institutions and universities on new and pro-ecological technologies of combustion by-products utilisation, which enable their broader economic use.

The implementation of the Integrated Management System Policy is supported by broad awareness that accountability for the quality of tasks undertaken rests with all Company employees involved.

By following the above Policy we wish to ensure optimal working conditions that are conducive to the attainment of quality, environmental, as well as health and safety objectives and thus we commit ourselves to continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System’s effectiveness.

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